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Murder Most Deadly - Simon Okill

In his new book, “Murder Most Deadly,” Simon Okill really stirs the caldron, proving that psychotic writers, murder, ghosts, and greed can actually make you laugh. Yet Casper the Friendly Ghost this book most certainly is not! It starts out with Bianca, a rich, psychotic writer enjoying her entitlements to the hilt. Add a cup each of past ghosts, an avaricious cousin, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber employees, as well as ex-lovers, and you’re hooked. Blend in a half cup of exorcism, the Beast of Bodrin, vampires, and British black-humored slang, and you’re really wondering where’s this all gonna end. But wait, not yet! Tablespoons of dead ‘bods,’ competing females, witch covens, precious coins, a policeman whose horniness overrides his better judgment await you, but by this time, you’re just sitting back, hands cupped behind your head, and enjoying the ride until finally, Okill delivers one of the best twist endings I’ve read in a long time.

Now, I’m definitely not a vampire-zombie fan, but the way Okill gently dovetailed them all in, I was too involved with the characters and story to turn up my usually snooty nose. How’s THAT for good writing? A very recommended read, for sure...